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Big Five of a great workplace

Big Five factors behind a great office.

Companies like Google, Zappos, and Nike know how to motivate their employees. Their secret for high employee engagement is focusing on improving what we like to call the big five: Wellness, Productivity, Social, Environment and Generosity. Having a strong balance of the five facets of company culture leads to happier employees and a great environment.

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Big Five of a great workplace

Officevibe is on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone along with your web browser.

These great companies all started off with a free trial too:

  • GSoft
  • Best Buy
  • Microsoft
  • Sharegate
  • BMO
  • Oracle
  • P&G
  • SAP
Officevibe is a great tool to engage employees and encourage team building activities at work. It will have a positive impact on our culture and results. Mario Coculuzzi from Microsoft
Mario Coculuzzi Director, Eastern Region
We’ve been having a great time with Officevibe. More than a simple employee engagement platform, it allows us to recognize each other in a fun way. Benjamin Niaulin from Share-gate
Benjamin Niaulin Public Speaker & SharePoint MVP