Employee engagement is a huge problem around the world

8 out of 10

employees are stressed at work. This causes high employee turnover and lowers profit margins drastically.

(source: 2013 Work Stress Survey)


are wasted every year in lost productivity associated with the high number of disengaged employees.

(source: Gallup)


of Forbes Global 2000 companies will use gamification to boost engagement, retention and revenues.

(source: Gartner)

Big Five of a great workplace

The Big Five Of Company Culture

The top companies on “best places to work” lists attribute their success to a strong organizational culture and high employee engagement. These pioneers understand the benefits of the five key drivers of employee engagement and they pull out all the stops to improve these initiatives regularly:

1. Wellness

Employee wellness has never been easier

It’s proven that healthy employees are more productive and enjoy their jobs the most. Officevibe challenges users to make better health decisions and be physically active throughout the day. Boosting employee performance, but more importantly encouraging healthier lifestyles.

2. Productivity

Enjoy yourself while increasing productivity at work

Keep high performance levels for individuals and teams alike, while making the experience enjoyable. Officevibe encourages users to complete their tasks and excel in their workplace. More importantly, it allows employees to collaborate often and work optimally.

3. Social

Not just team building, relationship building

Bringing people together is the true foundation of a great company culture. Officevibe gives users the opportunity to bond with one another and develop strong ties. Within Officevibe, a user is able to see all of the ways that they can positively affect the workplace’s social atmosphere.

4. Environment

A green workspace boosts employee performance

Going green boosts employee performance! Officevibe is the simplest way to lessen your workplace's footprint. Users are asked to participate in tasks that will keep a clean atmosphere, along with out of office tasks that will help create a better environment overall.

5. Generosity

A small deed goes a long way

It's important to give back and help those in need. Within Officevibe, users are encouraged to not only perform kind acts within the office, but give back to the community. No matter how big or small your company may be, this is the sure way to get your team active in giving back.

Influencers of the Big Five

Every workplace will have employees that are stronger in one aspect of the big five than the other. These are the personas that influence us:


The Athlete

Employee wellness is in this person's blood. This person spends down time reading health blogs and going to the gym.


The Workhorse

You want to talk about high employee performance? This person knows all the keys to productivity at work.


The Environmentalist

This person contributes to your company's organizational culture by helping create a clean, green, efficient workplace.


The Samaritan

You've never met a kinder soul than this person. They'll be the one pushing your company to do great things outside of the workplace.

How will you better your company's culture?