Shocking Stats About Employee Engagement

10 Shocking Stats About Employee Engagement [Infographic]

Low employee engagement is a huge problem right now. It is not only causing unproductive workplaces, but causing a lot of stress for both employees and management.

See for yourself:

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10 Shocking Stats About Employee Engagement

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1. Employee engagement is extremely low

70 percent of employed Americans are not engaged at work. We’re talking about 3/4th’s of the American workforce feeling disengaged in the workplace. Out of that, a small percentage would say that if possible they would go out of their way to damage the company! That’s insane!

2. Employee turnover is not related to salary

Did you know that 89% of employers think that their employees leave for more money, but only 12% of employees actually leave for more money. We all know that breakups can be hard, but sometimes you have to realize that you’re at fault and that you need to make changes to your organizational culture.

3. Managers are often the problem

This one may be hard to understand (but, not really), 75% of people that end up quitting do not quit their job… they quit their boss.

We have gone over how bosses can ruin employee motivation, now imagine it getting to a point where it becomes so unbearable that you’ll be willing to give up on your job completely.Unfortunately, this is the case for many people that end up leaving their job.

4. Enterprise gamification can spark employee engagement

What we’re doing here at Officevibe is creating fun and engaging workplaces by using enterprise gamification. We want to bring people together to think of work as a game that they can complete all their tasks and feel an extra bit of encouragement and recognition. 70% of Forbes Global 2000 companies are using gamified platforms as a way to boost employee engagement, retention, and revenues. The usual trend with these gamified platforms offer is that they offer one aspect of improving a company’s culture, Officevibe is an all-in-one solution. So keep a lookout as we continue growing and putting some more awesome stuff on our platform :)

5. Having an employee engagement strategy is important

90% of leaders think an engagement strategy will impact business success… so I guess that’s awesome for us as an employee engagement platform. However, only 25% of those 90 have an employee engagement platform or a strategy to influence their employees.

6. Sharing the value and the purpose is crucial

Only 40% of the workforce knew about their company’s goals, strategies, and tactics. This is shocking, mostly because people can work their whole entire lives to earn a position within a company only to barely know the goals or objective. It’s a bit sad, but it’s up to a company to allow transparency and communication to be a part of their culture… instead of just telling employees what to do and to have it done.

7. Forget Performance Reviews, Consider Shortening Feedback Loops

43% of Engaged Employees receive feedback at least once a week, compared to only 18% of employee with low engagement. If someone is struggling within their position isn’t it someone’s job to get them up and at it? I guess going back to the point I made previously, communication should be encouraged by all companies no matter the size or shape.

8. Employee engagement drives profits

There are 2.5x more revenues for companies with engaged employees vs their competitors with low engagement among their employees. So if you’re looking for a unique way to beat out your competitor; try making your office a funner place to be at. You don’t necessarily have to force making your company awesome, but just make a whole lot of small changes that will make it a better place to be at. Something like rearranging the desks or having an office party can be all the difference to enhancing your culture.

9. Employee retention is driven by culture

Are you having employee retention problems? Well, focusing on improving your company culture might be the answer. Studies found that highly engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their companies than their disengaged counterparts. So if you want to better your turnover rate and make your office a place that creates long time ambassadors for your company, consider coming up with a new employee engagement strategy that will better your workplace.

10. Engagement is good for the triple bottom line

We found in a study of 64 organizations, companies with highly engaged employees achieve twice the annual net income of organizations whose employees aren’t engaged. So I guess if you made it this far, you already kind of know that having engaged employees is very important for not only the people of your company, but it’s vital for growing as a company.

BONUS: Use The Right Employee Engagement Tool

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Update: Special thanks to Guy Kawasaki for sharing our infographic!