Everyone Should Be Happy At Work


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It all started with the realization that employee satisfaction was the key to our organization's success. At GSOFT, we grew incredibly quick, going from 5 to 180 employees in just three years. As we continued to grow, we needed a way to monitor employee satisfaction in real-time and give our employees a way to express their feedback anonymously.

We set out to build the simplest tool to help people enjoy work, and so Officevibe was born. Today, we’re proud to be helping thousands of customers in over 100 countries. We truly believe that everyone deserves to be happy at work. We want to empower managers with the tools they need to create greater workplaces.


Meet The Team Behind The Product

Élodie Ascenci - Web Designer / Illustrator

Élodie Ascenci

Web Designer / Illustrator

Nik Aubertin - Brand Ambassador

Nik Aubertin

Brand Ambassador

Simon Bélanger - Developer

Simon Bélanger


Alex Bélanger - Sales

Alex Bélanger


Dan Benoni - CEO

Dan Benoni


Dave Bérubé - Recruiter

Dave Bérubé


Samuel Charest - Developer

Samuel Charest


Vanessa Cherenfant - Sales

Vanessa Cherenfant


Sophie Choukah - Marketing Specialist

Sophie Choukah

Marketing Specialist

Marie-Christine Côté - Team Lead

Marie-Christine Côté

Team Lead

Benjamin Cotrel - Developer

Benjamin Cotrel


Jean-Gabriel Crevier - CFO

Jean-Gabriel Crevier


Antoine Moore - CO Coordinator

Antoine Moore

CO Coordinator

Kim De Baene - Product Manager

Kim De Baene

Product Manager

Simon De Baene - Product Advisor

Simon De Baene

Product Advisor

Geneviève Doyon - Customer Success

Geneviève Doyon

Customer Success

Laurent Duberger - Product Manager

Laurent Duberger

Product Manager

Sarah Dufresne - Recruiter

Sarah Dufresne


Charles Fortin-Larose - Sales Hero

Charles Fortin-Larose

Sales Hero

Maxim Garant-Rousseau - Growth Hacker

Maxim Garant-Rousseau

Growth Hacker

Gabriel Gohier-Roy - Team Lead

Gabriel Gohier-Roy

Team Lead

Olivier Guilbault - Finances

Olivier Guilbault


Julie Jeannotte - Product Manager

Julie Jeannotte

Product Manager

Patrick Lavergne - VP Sales

Patrick Lavergne

VP Sales

Florent Legrand - Product Designer

Florent Legrand

Product Designer

Marianne Lemay - Culture & Talent

Marianne Lemay

Culture & Talent

David Létourneau-Gouin - Tech Lead

David Létourneau-Gouin

Tech Lead

Etienne Lorthoy - Developer

Etienne Lorthoy


Marc-Antoine Lussier - Developer

Marc-Antoine Lussier


Shadi Mallak - Product Designer

Shadi Mallak

Product Designer

Mathieu Mathurin - Developer

Mathieu Mathurin


Kahina Ouerdane - VP People

Kahina Ouerdane

VP People

Julien Pineault - Developer

Julien Pineault


Ali Robins - Content Marketing Specialist

Ali Robins

Content Marketing Specialist

Guillaume Roy - CTO

Guillaume Roy


Guillaume Royer - Developer

Guillaume Royer


Steve Sauvageau - Developer

Steve Sauvageau


Jacob Shriar - Director of Content

Jacob Shriar

Director of Content

Francis Thibault - Developer

Francis Thibault


Alexis Tisseur - Sales

Alexis Tisseur


Carl Tremblay - Developer

Carl Tremblay


Mireille Tremple - Tech Lead

Mireille Tremple

Tech Lead

Josée-Odile Tsogo - Customer Success

Josée-Odile Tsogo

Customer Success

Julien Valente - Product Designer

Julien Valente

Product Designer

Thousands Of Customers In More Than 100 Countries

Officevibe is proud to be part of the GSOFT family.

GSOFT is an award winning software engineering firm based in Montreal, Canada.

We have over a decade of experience and more than 15,000 happy customers in 100 countries.
Our unique culture and dedication to quality makes us a leader in our industry.

You can learn more about GSOFT at www.gsoft.com.

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