How The Best Companies Handle The Holiday Season

The Best Companies Do This During The Holidays

Holiday season is upon us! We have people from all around celebrating the Holidays with their families. So what are some good practices for your company during the holiday season?

Let’s face it, people won’t be engaged at work during the holiday season. Their minds will be all over the place. They’ll be thinking about getting gifts, trees, setting up gatherings and getting champagne to bring in a new year.

We did some research and found a couple of tips from other companies to make the holiday season bearable for both employees and managers.

Be Lenient With Vacation Requests

So how do the best companies handle the holiday season?

The first tip that is a fairly obvious one that I won’t get into too much, but it’s to make sure to handle all of the vacation requests from the employees properly.

If your company has an unlimited vacation policy set in place, it’ll just be a matter of making sure that there are enough employees to get a decent amount of work done.If not, don’t set up that much work throughout the holiday to begin with, but I’ll get into that in a little bit.

Some examples of companies who have this set in place are Virgin and Netflix.

Of course, both companies will have to have employees working on the actual day of their holidays (because both have products that are used daily, that will require support). I’m sure they will do their best to accommodate to their needs and make sure that the employees are as happy as can be because employee happiness is engraved within their culture.

So as long as your company plans ahead and focuses on keeping all employee’s happy, you will all be just fine.

Don’t Release Any Major Updates

It’s a very simple thing that a lot of tech companies will avoid doing, and the same should be applied toward all industries.

Don’t plan to release any new crazy updates to your product or service. The fact of the matter is that employees will have their minds in other places, and they won’t be able to work at the best of their abilities

It is pointless to have employees stress while there are a million things running through their minds. The last thing you want out of your company is to boost stress levels at work because you have a major release coming up, and you need to focus on it.

One of the beauties of having an employee feedback platform is that you can easily see what your employees truly think of certain decisions being made within an organization. Management should try asking employees what projects can realistically be accomplished with their schedule.

Front-Load Any Important Work

So, there’s still a lot of work to be done. It’s fine, just make sure that you prioritize the difficult tasks first.

Work-life balance during the holidays is important, so you have to make sure to do copious amounts of tasks during your work hours, so you can focus on all your extracurricular stuff right when you’re done.

It’s a little easier to do this when you take care of all those difficult, lengthy tasks before the holiday season becomes intense. At Officevibe, we’ve managed to do this by having a good product management platform, and we’re able to see the top tasks we should be working on. So we’re all going 100% before the holidays get here, so we can have a chill holiday season. Not to mention we have a bad ass Christmas Party lined up.

Speaking of parties…

Plan A Workplace Party

An office celebration is a perfect way to promote team-building activities and boost spirits within the office.

It doesn’t have to be anything spectacular or out of this world. It just has to be something that brings everyone in the office together. I think something like this would be extremely beneficial to the few industries that have to work on the holidays.

Not everyone will be fortunate to be celebrating with their families, but creating that family-like atmosphere with friends at work will really help celebrate what the holidays are all about, togetherness.

Also, a lot of people, especially parents, will have to handle a very hectic schedule throughout the holidays. Having to find ways to please the whole family, while still having to cook, travel, purchase presents, and stay level-headed. It’s a tough task for parents, so management, be wise and ease some of the stress by throwing a nice little party in the office to celebrate the year’s accomplishments and where the company (and its individuals) are going.

Don’t Be A Scrooge!

The holiday season is a perfect time to be with family. It’s very easy to get stressed out at work and treat others in an impolite fashion. So just remember, look at the people around you and know that you’re all in it together.

If you’re a manager, treat your employees like people instead of revenue generators. Let them have fun at work and don’t worry about them being less productive or not working as hard. It’s the holidays!

And if you’re managing an office that will have to be open throughout the actual holidays, just create a fun environment and make sure to not work too hard. Remember, don’t be a scrooge and let your employees enjoy themselves a bit.

What Does Your Company Do To Prepare For The Holiday Season?

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