January 27, 2015

15 Best Workplaces Of 2015

Here are the best workplaces of 2015

Since we’ve started our journey, we’ve seen a major shift on how companies are treating their employees and even their office landscapes. We see that companies are becoming more employee-centric, which means that we’re onto something.

There are many factors that go into making a great office. The people, the managers, the office landscape, and the different initiatives that a company does to sustain the workplace.

We dug around and found a couple of companies that are going out of their way to please employees, create excellent products, and create a cool office culture.

We’ve devised a list of 20 workplaces that are doing things the right way.

I should add that there is no order to this list. These “best workplaces” were selected because we loved what we heard about them from previous employees, their satisfaction scores from different sites like Glassdoor and because we love what they do. So let’s get to it:


Reinventing Bed and Breakfasts

They’re disruptive, funky, and their employees love what they do. Their corporate office is a spectacle as it has different rooms modeled after some of the crazy rooms hosts have put on their platform.

Officevibe thinks AirBnb is a top workplace

They’re disrupting the hotel industry with their platform. In fact, whenever I travel, I don’t even look at hotel prices, I go straight for AirBnb. You never know if you can stumble across a castle to stay at for $150 a night.

There are no suits in this office; it’s a lax environment and fresh visuals inspire creativity. You can learn more about them and their core values on their site.

Ben & Jerry’s

This is not your ordinary ice creamery

Ben & Jerry’s do things differently. They are the outliers in a vast market. It’s funny to imagine a disruptive ice cream company, but they’ve managed to become an outlier in their industry.

The reason is simple, all their employees believe in the company’s core values. They want to have a good product, continue growing financially and have a corporate mission of giving back to society.

Other than that, they embrace their weird. Their employees have a say in some of the funky flavors that they come up with. There’s even a graveyard within their headquarters dedicated to some of the weird concoctions that didn’t pan out too well.

The best is, if you’re ever in Vermont, they’ll welcome you in and show you what goes on in their day-to-day operations.

So it’s pretty damn cool that they’re transparent like that. Not to mention that their main office doesn’t look “corporatey.” Ben & Jerry’s keep being weird and keep giving back to society.


Future HR practices  can be found in this office!

We’ve previously written about flat hierarchy and employee autonomy within our blog. We have to commend Squarespace for practicing these initiatives and taking it to new heights. They have what they call a “no-title” office. Meaning that all employees are treated equals and everyone is pushed to be the best they can by their colleagues and peers, as opposed to their boss.

This medium-sized company is one of the best in helping create amazingly designed websites for businesses. They are one of the industry leaders, and we have reason to believe it’s because they have trust in their employees, and they’re able to empower individuals.

This company preaches creativity as a core value!

Squarespace is a top workplace of the future

They have a plethora of perks, aside from medical, dental, and giving employees stock options, the company and will send loyal employees on vacations … and take at least $5,000 off of the vacation spending!!!

Their perks, culture, and overall treatment of employees allowed them to be voted New York City’s Best Place To Work two years in a row. You guys rock.

Motley Fool

The only office where being called a fool isn’t a bad thing!

Their “Foolosophy” is to create a fun workplace by collaboration, innovation, and having fun. Motley Fool handles financial solutions for investors of every kind, yet they do it in their unique way.

We also love the fact that their co-founder, David Gardner has given speeches on investing in company culture. If you have the time check out this speech:

I would also like to mention that they have great “foolish” titles for their employees. I nearly spit out my coffee when I read “Head Fool” within their founder’s biography page.

Their employee benefits, treatment of workers, and investment in culture has allowed them to be a great workplace.

Motley Fool Top Workplace For Officevibe

It should also be mentioned that their employees are completely sold on the mission of the company. And in the cutthroat world of financial advising, this group of fools do things differently and do it right. Kudos, fools.


Believe the hype. They’re the real deal.

I think our blog mentions Google at least once every other post. It’s because they’re ahead of their time (or society is way behind) in terms of their HR practices and employee appreciation.

It’s no secret why they’re constantly on top of all those “best places to work” lists; they encourage and motivate their employees to be as creative and allow them to grow within their company.

When I think of Google I think of a group of creatives that aspire to make the world a better place by creating kick-ass products that make everyday life easier. Their technology and products are just an extension of what they preach.

The GooglePlex is on the Officevibe blog yet again

The company culture is nerdy, unique, and all about creation.

We love them and whenever we get an opportunity to talk to a Googler, are eyes light up. The couple of people from Google we have spoken to have said the same thing.From the first day that a new Google employee comes into the office, they feel like they are already embraced by the company.

Here’s a video showing some new Google employees going to work.

Keep being awesome and leading the way, Google!


A disruptive medical office software company

You’ve probably caught the theme by now. This list is composed of businesses that offer what some may call “boring” services, and go about doing their work differently.

Kareo office life

Think about a Google-like atmosphere around a company that creates medical office software, and that’s what you get at Kareo.

They have the type of perks that any tech startup would offer, and they do their best to provide an experience instead of a job. And if you look through some of their core values, it revolves around creating a fun employee-centric culture and encourages their employees to grow as individuals.

We also like them because we see a lot of ourselves in their product. They want to get rid of some of the clunky, old-school way of doing things in medical offices, by having them use their simple and clean product.

They’re all about using design and creativity in order to get the most use out of a product. Keep on rocking, Kareo.

Valve Corporation

They’re great … but they still won’t tell us when Half-Life 3 is coming out.

At Officevibe, we look up to Valve’s HR practices as much as we would a Google or Zappos. Sure they are a video game development and distribution company, so things just naturally sound funner when they’re doing it.

Valve Office

From a Human Resources perspective, Valve is a disruptive force, which doesn’t just differentiate them from their competitors, but companies in other industries as well.

The way they onboard their employees is amazing. They inspire them to come up with new ideas, even if they’re outrageous, they’ll give it a shot. Whether it’s a new video game idea or an add-on to some of their other products, they’ll try it out.

If you’re an HR professional, I would recommend checking out Valve’s employee handbook. It is how every company should set up their handbook. They’ve even written articles on the handbook.

Valve is another company that has a flat hierarchy, but their fearless leader is an icon. Gabe Newell is an internet sensation that believes in doing things for the people. He does whatever he can to make sure that his employees and customers are happy. He even answers all of his e-mails from fans. They even make memes about him:

Good guy Gabe

Good job, Gabe. We aspire to be like you guys at Valve.


Employee Wellness is a way of life

Clifbar is a medium-sized company that distributes organic food and drinks. They pride themselves in making sure that they distribute great products and that they support employee development.

Their brand targets outdoor athletes, so they try and attract employees that have a similar interests. They also offer different perks to help them stay active outside of work. It also doesn’t hurt that their headquarters is basically a large gym with computer desks in it.

Clifbar is an amazing company, look at their rock climbing wall

Employee wellness is definitely preached from day one. Some of the perks they offer are:

  • $350 stipend to enter a race or competition
  • Unlimited access to on-campus fitness facilities
  • Organic meals
  • Team breakfasts
  • And up to 33 fitness classes

There are only 300 employees, so it’s cool that they’ll be willing to go above and beyond to keep them healthy and productive.


Work-Life balance matters in this office!

Etsy’s company culture is one that thinks about the employee first. They offer a lot of perks that center around giving the employee time to unwind and kick back. They have paid sabbaticals, flexible schedules, a telecommute option, up to a month of vacation time and 60 days paid leave for parents.

The etsy office in Brooklyn encourages productivity and work life balance

They focus on the employee as an individual, and that’s why they have a high employee approval rating. The employees have a lot of pride in the company, and they do whatever they can to keep things the way they are.

To be put simply, people love to work there, and their creative product is an excellent example of what happens when you have an inspiring workplace. If you’d like to learn more about Etsy, check out their site and see some of their goals. They truly are an awesome company.


Delivering Happiness

If we talk about Zappos, and you see their actual product. It’s nothing groundbreaking or new. They are a simple online shoe and clothing store.

So what makes them special? Their company culture and customer service is world-class. Their employees genuinely care about the business, preserving the culture, and giving the customer the best experience they’ve ever had.

Zappos' company culture and customer service is still world class

They care about the company so much that they even had a “rap beef” with Kanye West. It’s probably the first time that something like this has ever happened. E-commerce vs. the rap industry.

Aside from being in rap music blogs, they’ve also managed to maintain their core values and grow as a company. Even though their Downtown Las Vegas project hasn’t been able to come to fruition. They have managed to still be one of the better companies to work for every year.

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Hubspot’s “Culture Code” is unrivaled

This Boston-based online marketing software is an industry leader because they believe in not only creating a great product, but a great team to build the product. Their company culture is very big to them, and they do their best to maintain it.

Their Culture Code is enormous in the HR community. They talk about a few things that we approve of, unlimited vacations, having a result-oriented workplace and even mention how they make data-based decisions. I am unaware if they utilize HR analytics or employee survey metrics to make employee decisions, but one of the quotes within the culture code is to use good judgment. I found this to be my favorite part, because I think it’s something simple that a lot of companies and people lack.

Of course, they offer a lot of the cool perks and employee benefits that a tech startup would offer. But what really makes them stand out is their culture and work atmosphere that has helped them win many “Best Places To Work” awards. Kudos to you guys, Hubspot.


CRM companies can be cool

Being one of the best places to work for in San Francisco is a real hard feat to accomplish, doing it consistently is even harder. Salesforce has made the Fortune best places to work list five times.

I think the coolest story I heard about them from my peers, was that they threw an epic employee appreciation day where they shut down a pier in SF and had the Red Hot Chili Peppers perform. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be appreciated by having free food, drinks, and a concert.

Not sure if this is a pic of the event, but it’s safe to say they know how to throw a party:

Salesforce concert

If you work with CRM’s, you know that they can be the least fun platforms to work with. However, they’re leading the industry and growing rapidly. More importantly, they’re doing it their way. There’s no question it’s because they’re attracting a lot of talent in the epicenter of talented IT employees.

As long as they keep their employees happy and keep doing what they’re doing, they’ll be an exceptional workplace for years to come.


A vast organization with even bigger employee appreciation

Accenture is the largest company on this list. With a little over 319,000 employees in over 200 cities, they are basically a small country. As you can imagine, the HR departments have the daunting task (and major responsibility) of handling over a quarter of a million employees.

Accenture's Singapore innovation center

Unlike most big corporations, they make sure to completely take care of their employees. Giving them fair compensation, every form of medical insurance available, along with up to 21 days off per year.

Where they really shine is within their corporate citizenship initiatives. They make sure that their employees are giving back to the community, as being a corporate citizen one of their core values. In fact, they’ve been recognized seven years in a row as being the world’s most ethical company. They’ve even given a whopping $150 million dollars to support corporate citizen efforts.

They take care of their employees, they take care of the world, and they manage to have a good time while doing it. Their employees will tell you, they love working at Accenture.


Using Facebook is allowed in this office

Imagine a CEO that has a goal of bringing all the people of the world together through technology. In doing this, he wants you to come into work and have the most fun as possible. In fact, he’s going to basically create a city as an office and give you everything you need within arms reach.

What I just described is Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. He’s created somewhat of a Disneylandish workplace that people love going to and working for. And as many Facebook employees will tell you, they feel as if every day they’re going to work, they’ll do something that affects 1.1 Billion people.

The Social-Networking giant is catering to all of its employees needs, and that’s why they’re the best in the business. Their employees are hard-working, smart creatives that go the extra mile to create an amazing product.


They had us at their core values

I hate it when companies get way too corporate to describe their beliefs and their core values. The folks over at Atlassian made it simple so that everyone can understand what their company is all about.

They have five simple values they preach:

  1. Open Company, No Bullshit
  2. Build With Heart And Balance
  3. Don’t Screw The Customer
  4. Play, As A Team
  5. Be The Change You Seek

These values guide their business and their product. And that’s why they can come up with some of the best software, that help companies like Nasa, Facebook, Netflix, and of course, Officevibe.

Here’s a look at what life is like at Atlassian:

As you can see they’re still a small company, but they work efficiently and take care of their employees. And honestly, it just looks like the type of place that anyone would enjoy working at.

Thoughts on the Best Workplaces of 2015?

We know we missed a lot of great companies out there. In fact, it was hard to narrow it down to just 15. I hated that I had to ignore companies like Fog Creek, Apple, Whole Foods, and dozens of others. .

Throughout the article, I provided plenty of links to some of these companies that show how they’re able to implement some of these policies, employee reviews, or simply what they offer as perks.

If you’re an HR professional, you should definitely check them out and see what is feasible for your company. The companies that have these forward-thinking organizations with high employee satisfaction levels.

Not only that, but they’re extremely successful within their industry. So if you want to stand out and recruit better, learn what the happiest workplaces are doing to be successful and do it your way.

If you have any suggestions or just want to cuss me out for not including your great company, contact us @Officevibe. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this year’s best workplaces.