Planning A Holiday Office Party

Company Culture: Planning An Office Holiday Party

It’s that time of the year again! Eggnog starts flooding the shelves of your local grocery stores, shopping malls are packed 24/7, and people are feeling more stressed over the pressure to balance their work and life.

The holidays are a gift and a curse; they provide a sense of togetherness and family, however; they also produce a lot of stress for employees and managers.

However, there’s one thing that your office can do to de-stress and be together for the holiday season. Throw an office holiday party. I’m sure a lot of companies are planning on throwing one, but I’m here to offer some advice to not only throw a great holiday party.

The Essentials Of A Holiday Party

This would depend on how big you would want your party to be and what type of budget your office (company) has set for team-building activities. I would have to say that this is the Super Bowl (or World Cup for all non-US peoples) of office parties, so go all out to appreciate your employees!

Here are some of the bare essentials:

For the last point, I want point out that even though Americans have traditionally promoted Christmas as the most prominent of the holidays; it’s important to be fair to the people within your company who may not celebrate that holiday.

So keep the decorations fair and inclusive. Maybe even include decorations from all the holidays.

Now, I’ve hosted and organized some amazing parties in my time, and I know that it’s all about presentation and organization. So make sure to set up a proper committee that will be in charge of everything.If your boss wants to be involved, I will go as far as having he, or she send a funny holiday card (or e-mail) invite.

If you have a large budget, try and get some catering. I’ve heard of companies organizing food trucks to be outside of their office (then again, I live in a place where it’s not too cold) and have different trucks cater your office.

There are plenty of tips and tricks you can use to save some money for catering, just make sure it’s awesome.

If you guys are a startup, small office, or are just plain balling on a budget; the best thing to do is organize a potluck.

Have people cook and bring in all sorts of delicacies that will fill your stomach up. Heck, you can even make a competition out of it (which would fall under the “activity” point in the list above). Just make sure that everyone does something to chip in, and the management should be in charge of bringing in the coolest thing; Like a massive chocolate fondue!

The same can apply towards the music. You can easily hire a DJ to give it more of a “big event” feel, or you can put a great playlist with some good tunes and bump some music throughout the space.

Try and make some cool activities and make work secondary that day. The priority is to promote togetherness and happiness throughout the company.

There are some awesome companies that go out and philanthropy work in the Holidays before they go out and celebrate with their party.

A prime example would be Deloitte; this big four firm does their best to give back to their community. In fact, we’ve previously studied them to learn how we can better our philanthropic efforts. Check out this video of them in action:

At Officevibe and GSOFT, we usually participate in Operation Red Nose (among other initiatives) where we help people get home safely if they’re impaired or tired after a long night. Just think of it as a philanthropic Uber ride.

Aside from out of the giving back, you should have activities for the festivities!

So plan something fun and have the whole office in on it. You can quickly survey your employees and see what they would like to have within their party. If they want to do a some form of gift exchange, team bonding events, or just throw a wild party.

Acknowledge The Heck Out Of Your Colleagues

For most enterprises, the Holiday season will be the least productive time of the year.

Realistically, not that much work will be done, and there will be no major product releases scheduled as everyone is expecting a lot of downtime at work. So take this the time to acknowledge the people around you and get to know them some more.

The religion, background, ethnicity or holiday preference shouldn’t matter. The holiday season is about togetherness, and what better way to celebrate previous accomplishments than coming together for a kick-ass office holiday party.

If you’re a manager, use this time to give your employees positive feedback and let them know they’re a valuable asset to the company. As a manager, just come together

I can only hope that this post has helped at least one person out there plan an epic holiday party. If it’s too late, just apply some of these tips next year. I’m sure you’ll do well.

Do You Think An Office Holiday Party Is Good For Company Culture?

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