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Why Should Your Company Do Unlimited Vacations?

Unlimited vacation time is becoming one of the best perks that a company can offer. Although it might not literally mean “unlimited” time off, it’s an amazing concept that gives employees the freedom to take some paid time off whenever they feel it’s adequate. Unfortunately, most companies might not feel open to the idea, as they might feel that employees will abuse the policy.

Well, the times are changing and companies are doing their best to appease their employees and keep them happy.

So if you feel like unlimited vacation is a bad idea, I’ve got some news for you; It’ll be the best thing to happen to you and your company. Here’s how having unlimited vacation will boost employee motivation:

More Rest Time = Better Employee Motivation

Having employees take time off when they really need it encourages a more productive work atmosphere. It allows them to work at ease without necessarily having their minds elsewhere.

Creating a result-oriented workplace will be all the “discipline” and motivation a company needs to have employees respect a policy like this. If an employee brings results to a company, they should never be questioned for the amount of vacations they take.

According to companies like IBM, Hubspot, Netflix, and others that have instituted the policy, unlimited vacations has not created “chaotic anarchy”. In fact, it’s created more efficiency and productivity within their office. Leading them to have better employee motivation all across the board.

In face, the year that Hubspot instituted this policy they became the 2nd fastest growing tech company in the country. The reality is that people aren’t vacationing enough. Look at some of your colleagues that hoard their vacation days in hopes to gather them in the future and take their dream “super-vacation”. It’s kind of a bad way to go about planning vacations if you think about it; you’re saying that you can work for months (Years?) without taking some time to spend on yourself and your family, while being productive at work — Not buying it.

Remember, even computers need to reboot in order to perform better. So to those trying to be superhuman: go unwind a bit, it’ll only make you a better individual.

Unlimited Vacation Betters Employee Happiness

Here’s a shocker, did you know that unlimited vacations will make people happier to work for your company?

That’s right.

Employees feel empowered, trusted, and free, which will only make the company culture thrive and easily improve employee performance and productivity. In case you didn’t know 83% of the workforce suffers from harsh stress at work. So what better way to relieve their tensions by giving them the proper time to unwind and get back to a good state of mind.

Companies that have an unlimited vacation policy often run into a different problem – their employees actually miss their job when they go on vacation. However, they found that employees come back more rejuvenated and creative. Bringing new ideas to the table that would’ve not been there otherwise.

From a managerial standpoint, it’s a lot easier to manage. You just have to set clear guidelines that will let your employees know that they have freedom to go on vacation, but they must get work done first.

Remember, an office is an ecosystem; if someone chooses to leave work behind, it’ll be unhealthy for those around them. So make sure to ask for results from employees and as long as they produce give them all the time they need.

Unlimited Vacation Improves Many Facets Of Company

Employee performance is only one facet of how an unlimited vacation policy can benefit an office. The policy is designed to improve company culture as it establishes employee responsibility and keeps employees engaged and productive.

People will feel obligated to turn in high quality work and prove that they aren’t just slouches going through the motions to get from one vacation to the next. So you can say, there’s a social pressure added, but it’s mostly out of respect for peers.

Unlimited vacation also helps out with employee retention and recruitment. Plain and simple: Unlimited vacations are a hell of a recruiting perk! If you’re trying to obtain top talent, what better way to catch them by letting them know if they bring in results, they’ll be able to get a sizable amount of vacation time — If you’re trying to become a pioneer within your industry and get the best talent, this perk will be a nice way for you to stand out among others.

The policy eliminates the sense of hierarchy around vacation. In a regular workplace it feels as if management has more flexibility with their time off, but using this policy gives the whole staff a fair shot at a flexible schedule. The concept of unlimited vacations was designed to keep people motivated. People want to be treated like adults within their workplace, giving them the freedom to take some time off when they truly need it will only alleviate any stress or tension and will allow them to work better.

So keep being awesome and remember if you have the unlimited vacation policy or not, make sure you take some time off and really enjoy yourself every now and then.

Make sure when you get back from enjoying yourself in vacation you boost the fun at your office by trying some team building activities, or try going on vacation with some of your peers!

Does Unlimited Vacation Time Work? Will it Boost Employee Motivation?

Do you think companies like Netflix, IBM, and Hubspot have it wrong? What guidelines do you think should be applied to your company’s vacation time?

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