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Effective, easy to adopt, and user-friendly at every level, Officevibe puts employee and manager insights at your fingertips, and the power to drive results in your hand.

hr leader having an overview of the dynamics between employees and managers through reports and feedback

Better Understand Your Managers and Employees

Don’t just ask questions, open up dialogue. Officevibe allows you to follow key trends and patterns across your company through current, honest employee feedback. Know exactly where and when you’ll have the greatest impact, and which managers and teams need your support.


Officevibe operates in the background, but brings feedback to the fore. With Officevibe, employees have the opportunity to speak their mind and have their say in the manner they prefer.

Medifab, Roger Mascull, CEO & Managing Director

our employee engagement solution allows managers and hr leaders to have a 360 view of what is happening in the company

Track Initiatives. Assess Crises. Take Action.

Why settle for guesswork when you can see the big picture? Focus Officevibe to provide a 360º view of the moments and situations that matter. Whether you’re reacting to an unexpected crisis or demonstrating value around a new initiative, get the human-level data you need to take action with confidence.


It’s a great tool to collect live feedback which leads to in-the-moment correction of initiatives and allows any manager to be in tune with their employees’ engagement at all times.

Multichoice, Shantal Kamraj, OD Specialist

employees, managers and hr leaders heading towards the same direction on paper airplanes

Improve Leadership and Trust in Your Workplace

Equip managers to become great leaders. Employee trust in your company ties directly to the leadership they experience – so make it the best it can be. Officevibe steps beyond the data to act as your coaching partner for managers, guiding them with actionable strategies, tactics, and expert advice for addressing feedback and challenges.


Officevibe has changed the way we communicate with colleagues for the better. Employees have become more proactive in light of how we respond to their comments because they see an openness from management.

LANDR, Marc-André Ferguson, Head of Product

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Explore The Science Behind Officevibe

We partnered with Deloitte to create the most credible, robust, and people-friendly employee engagement solution, backed by science and built on decades of expert research.

Surveys example of officevibe’s survey question

With 5 questions taking less than 2 minutes to answer each week, Officevibe provides a precise, evolving snapshot of your company’s engagement. Intelligent recommendations are surfaced to managers based on their challenges.

Metrics The ten metrics of employee engagement that Officevibe’s survey software uses

Built around Officevibe’s 10 Key Metrics and 26 Sub-metrics, our bank of 120 scientifically-validated questions are proven to drive maximum participation and provide a holistic view of the employee experience.

Integration illustrating the integrations available with Officevibe such as: Google, Yammer, Slack, O365

Officevibe also offers integration with all your favorite tools across all devices to make rollout and use easier, faster, and more effective.

Customization Example of Officevibe’s employee engagement report

Segment and compare your organization in any way you want to deep dive on pressing issues for timely, actionable results. Attach custom feedback questions to weekly surveys, create Custom Polls to target specific issues, or use any of our pre-populated templates to gain insights on Diversity & Inclusion, Communication, and more.

Anonymity Example of an anonymous feedback conversation on mobile

Employee feedback can be your greatest asset – but only if it’s authentic. Officevibe creates a safe space, protecting identity through aggregated survey results, while always giving employees the choice to submit honest feedback anonymously or not.

Security Officevibe’s logo on a shield illustrating the company’s security

Your company’s security is equally important to us which is why we’re committed to protecting your data at all times while supporting you in ensuring your use of Officevibe meets GDPR requirements.

Your teams deserve Officevibe.