Officevibe is an all-in-one employee survey platform that gives managers real-time insights.


All-In-One Employee Surveys

You don’t need to invest a lot of time preparing your surveys. Our 350+ pre-build questions are based on industry standards and make sure every aspect of your company is covered.

Everyone loves Officevibe surveys

Employee Feedback

Create A Culture Of Continuous Feedback

Improve employee satisfaction through anonymous conversations. Reply to feedback you receive to show that you’re listening. Allow employees to reply anonymously to create a conversation.

Continuous Feedback in Officevibe
Insights in Officevibe

Automated Insights

Have The Best Ideas Automatically Surfaced

We know you're busy, so we automatically surface the most important things directly to you. Stay up to date with what’s going on so you know where to focus your attention.


Become A Better Manager

Actionable, easy-to-implement tips on how to create a better workplace.



Data-Driven Employee Happiness

Real-time insights on your employee’s happiness & productivity.

Geographical Reports

Get your reports per country or office

Executives can access high level reports to understand how their distributed workforce is doing.

Department Reports

Get your reports per country or office

Human Resource Directors can see how every departments is managed and provide tips to managers.

Employee Net Promoter Score

Employee Net Promoter Score

In real-time, measure how likely your employees are to promote your organization.

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Contextual is better

Ask the best question at the right time to get more honest feedback.

Collect Ideas

Collect innovative ideas and make employees feel heard using our suggestion box

Tags & Archive

Use tags to categorize employee feedback and archive feedback that has been treated.


Provide a safe channel for employees to give feedback to managers & the company.

Faster reaction time

Managers get daily notifications of the feedback provided by their teams.

Reply to feedback

Reply to feedback you receive and allow employees to reply anonymously to create a conversation.

Employee Surveys

Awesome design

Your employees will love the surveys. Guaranteed.

No worries, it’s automated

Officevibe is a turn-key solution. Simply upload your employees, and we'll take care of the rest!

Epic participation rate

Officevibe was built from the start to ensure a good survey completion rate. We are 300% above the standard industry rate.

Backed by science

Our pre-built library of 350+ questions is based on decades of research in employee engagement.

No-login required

Your employees don’t need to remember “another” password to participate in Officevibe.

Mobile ready

All of our surveys are optimized to provide an awesome mobile experience.

Poll your employees

Create your own questions to better understand your employees needs.

Onboarding surveys

Implement your own onboarding surveys to ensure new employees are taken in charge.


Simple is beautiful

Our reports are so simple that anyone can understand them.

Compare your teams

Group comparison reports make it easy to compare different teams, departments or geographical location.

Stay in touch

Weekly digest of the largest variations in your employee engagement scores & feedback.

Rank your company

Benchmark your company with the industry.

Smart Groups

Create filters based on any combination of attributes you can think of (e.g. Women in Toronto over 30 years old).

Correlate your performance data

Download all results in Excel to correlate your results with other systems (salary, sales, closed tickets…).

Advanced reporting

Our employee engagement reports can be drilled down by metric to better understand where the problems occurs.

Employee Net Promoter Score

See how likely your employees are to promote your organization.

Safe for employees

The survey questions are aggregated anonymously. All employee responses are strictly confidential.


Insanely simple

Offers a list of actionable resources to improve your workplace.

Exclusive Content

Download exclusive content directly from the application.

Never forget a coworker’s name again

The FaceGame helps everyone in an organization remember colleagues faces and names. You can learn more about the game here.

Intelligent recommendations

Recommends ideas for improvement depending on your employee comments.

Automated Insights New

The most important action items will automatically be surfaced to you.

Praise your colleagues

The PraiseGame provides a safe channel to give recognition to your peers. You can learn more about the game here.

Enterprise Ready

Custom Branding

Customize the email branding to engage more with your employees.

Your data is secure with us

Secure storage of your data with 128 bits bank-level encryption.

Best support team

99% of our requests are answered within 24 hours.

Integrated with your applications

Connect Officevibe to other applications your business depends on.

Developer friendly

Manage your employees and groups with our REST API.

No strings attached

Export your reports with a simple click.

Simple documentation

You can consult our product documentation here : help.officevibe.com

Powerful Integrations

We have deep integrations with Slack, O365, Google, and even a custom API.

One of thousands of happy customers

I love the fact that your tool is automated and helps me get a frequent pulse on employee engagement

Alexandra Basso Moore - HR Manager - Curse

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