Officevibe continous cycle of team improvement

Simple Features,
Powerful Results

Leading a team is a continuous cycle of connection, communication, understanding, and action. Officevibe’s feature set is designed to help you work better together, every step of the way.

Officevibe employee survey example slider question
Officevibe employee survey example Officevibe employee engagement survey example Officevibe employee survey example slider question
Collect Meaningful Insights

Weekly Automated Surveys

  • Each week, employees respond anonymously to a
    Pulse Survey.
  • Officevibe Surveys have an 85% response rate and only take about 2 minutes to complete.
  • All survey questions are backed by science and approved by Deloitte.

If you could change one thing about the relationship you have with your direct manager, what would it be and why?
I wish that we had more frequent and effective communication.
Thanks for your feedback! How about monthly 1 on 1 meetings between employees and managers?
Manager answering to feedback in Officevibe
Inspire Honest Communication

Feedback & Conversations

  • Follow-up questions and the Suggestion Box prompt employee feedback to dig deeper on key issues.
  • Start private conversations by responding directly to feedback received.
  • Team members always have the option to communicate anonymously, or not.

Dashboard employee engaement report
Dashboard employee engaement report - employee engagement score Dashboard employee engaement report
Navigate the Numbers

Team Reports

  • Survey data is sorted by our 10 Key Engagement Metrics measuring team health.
  • Reports are simple, easy to read and filled with helpful information.
  • Visual data lets you track trends and spot issues early.

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Improve section: manager focus on employee happiness
Improve section: Praise Game
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Learn and Develop

Resources & Improvement

  • Hone your leadership skills with relevant activities, content, and ideas.
  • Get recommended tactics to strengthen your team based on their lowest-ranking Metrics.
  • Explore resources according to the metrics that matter to you.

Officevibe Dashboard Custom Polls Report
Officevibe Dashboard Custom Polls Report Custom Polls example question slider Custom Polls example question feedback
Find Out What’s Working

Custom Polls

  • Create your own questions specific to your team, to send separately or as part of weekly Surveys.
  • Validate and improve by asking for feedback on recent initiatives or changes you’ve implemented.
  • Format questions for text, opinion scale, or multiple choice responses.