Salesforce Integration

Make your sales team even more powerful with Officevibe and improve your sales.

Officevibe integration with Salesforce

Leverage Officevibe to make your Salesforce staff more productive.

Maintain Productivity

Keep your sales team motivated and productive by measuring their engagement level in real-time.

Quick Setup

Sign up in one click, invite users directly from Salesforce, and get started with our activities faster.

Increase Loyalty

When salespeople are engaged, they give discretionary effort, leading to happier, more loyal customers.

Salesforce + Officevibe

14-Day Free Trial. Get set up in minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Salesforce Integration FAQ

What data is collected?

We only collect their full name, profile picture, email, and job title.

Why should I use the Salesforce integration?

Keeping your sales team motivated is crucial for your business success. Officevibe helps you keep your sales team engaged.

Is it easy to set up the integration?

Yes! Just ask your Salesforce administrator and they will be able to install it for everyone in your company in just a couple of clicks.