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How does it work?

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Who’s Leo?

A Skype for Business Bot for More Engaged Teams

Hello! My name is Leo :)

I’m here to help you create a greater workplace. I automatically handle all your most important Officevibe communications to create a better team, like:

  • Effortlessly collecting anonymous employee feedback
  • Real-time measures of your team happiness
  • Building better relationships between colleagues
  • Rapidly spot trends before they become issues

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Leo is probably the best Skype for Business Bot I’ve ever used. It keeps our team happy and facilitates feedback everyday.

Benjamin Niaulin - Microsoft MVP


The Crazy Story About How The first Skype for Business Bot Was Born

This amazing journey was documented.
Read about our story, it should give you an idea of the crazy memories behind our project :).

It all started on Aug 10, 2016…

An amazing team of 6 from Officevibe left Montreal in order to cross the Ocean for a unique 14-day challenge in Prague.

The idea? Push the limits of our favorite bot!.

The team traveled accross the atlantic ocean, rented an appartment in Prague and took the next 14 days to innovate in a big way.

It didn't take much time for the team to realise that it was bright for Officevibe to join the biggest communication tool in the world. With over 100 million users worldwide Skype for Business was definitly a market we needed to attack!

Their goal was clear: Build the VERY FIRST Skype for Business bot to make people happier and more engaged at work.

A few days later, after completing some impressing feats in the Skype for Business UCWA, they were celebrating in a traditional restaurant downtown.

While Kayla Harrison was winning gold they had their own thing to celebrate...

The team just received a message from the Skype for Business team sharing their great excitement and support for our project!

With this morale boost in mind, Leo would soon be launched in Skype for Business. Only days later, he finally spoke to them (in Skype for Business) on Aug 19th, 2016.

But this is just a start. Leo — now on Slack and Skype for Business — still have many ideas to reinvent the world of work, so stay tuned!

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Leo + Skype for Business FAQ

Are you partners with Skype for Business?

No. Leo the Officevibe bot is a third party Skype for Business integration. It is not created by, affiliated with, or supported by Microsoft, Inc.

What is the cost to use this bot?

Adding Leo to Skype for Business is free, but to access the reports on our platform after your 14 days, you'll need to subscribe

What’s the difference between Leo & Officevibe?

Officevibe is the engine that powers the collection of feedback and the real-time reporting. Leo is the front-end in Skype for Business to help maximize participation in our surveys.

Is it really anonymous in Skype for Business?

100%! Because all communication with the Skype for Business bot is done in a private message, everything is truly anonymous for your users.

Is it hard to integrate?

Not at all! We made sure to make the integration as easy as possible. You’ll be guided by an quick step-by-step process. You’ll be done in less than a minute!

I still have some concerns :/ ...

No problem! We’re here to help. Most of the answers you’re looking for are in our support page, and you can feel free to contact us at anytime.

Okay, enough talking…!
See you in Skype for Business :)

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