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An EPIC work environment starts with great team relationships!

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Svend will match colleagues through Slack and help them break the Ice through Fun and Easy games.

Easy and Convenient

Svend is easy to setup and easy on your users! Simple weekly games that will fit perfectly in your users daily routines. No spamming, no disruption and no complications. Easy fun, that's all!

Fun and Engaging

Through a set of original games, Svend will motivate your team to engage in fun discussions where they'll naturally get to know each other. Your team members will look forward to their weekly Svend games!

Intelligent Matchmaking

We match users that are less likely to know each other already so they can engage with new colleagues every week. The more colleagues you know, the more your team will appreciate their workplace.


Over the weeks, your team members will get to play different games. Each game will spark different discussions helping them learn more about colleagues and creating strong relationships.

Two Truths One Lie

One out of three statements is a lie. Can you find which one?

You'll be matched with a colleague and have to find which of his or her three statements is a whopper. You'll have to ask the right questions to get the right clues.

The Fun Fact

One fun fact, 4 colleagues. Finding to who this happened might be harder than you think!

A friendly brawl where a deceiver will try to hide that the fun fact is his. Fun discussions guaranteed!

Say The Word

Plug a secret word in a conversation without your team member noticing. Plot twist! Your colleague is trying to do the same thing!

This game will force you to chat about random things but you have to stay focused!

Kickstart the conversation!

Increase your employees interactions through fun and engaging games directly into Slack.

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Why Svend?

Because why not...? Who wouldn't want a Viking on their team!


Social relationships with colleagues are known to push employees to perform beyond their normal responsibilities. Feeling you're part of a team, something bigger than yourself, is a great source of motivation.


It has been proven that employees with good relationships with their colleagues have an increased ownership of the projects they undertake.


Teams who collaborate and work together towards a common goal are much more effective and successful than teams with an individualistic mindset.

Measure Engagement

Svend will send you usage and engagement reports every week to see how your team is ice breaking.